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'Orb' in digital photography.

The subject of ‘orbs’ caught my attention one year when down in Cropcircle country, as many people at that time were becoming increasingly excited over what they felt the small round ‘orbs’ on their digital photographs may represent. A common subject in conversation, many would show me what had appeared on their digital cameras. The enthusiasm coupled with the inference that there was some 'otherworldly' or Divine association made this a very heady mix which one could easily have bought into…which I did initially to some extent. But not one to be easily impressed by the ‘exotic’, I did some research of my own. I took my own digital photos under different conditions so as to get a feel for the subject. I bought and read the book (which I have to say disappointed me somewhat…I won’t name it) and asked many questions of people.

But now, I get to the point. ‘Out of the blue’ one sunny morning , when back at home and sitting in the garden eating breakfast with my sunglasses on, I became aware of an ‘orb’ shape on the lens…then another. I was looking in the direction of the sun. As I moved my head, so did these shapes but remained in the same position on the lens. The structure of these shapes exactly matched that of what I was being led to believe from other sauces, was mysterious! OK… just an observation but quite often the simplest answer is the solution and sometimes I think we tend to over-think things driven and seduced by personal need or peer pressure. Make of this what you will but it really does seem we have a simple case of contamination here. Try it for yourself with your own sunglasses.

Looking back from a psycho/sociological point of view, this would seem to be a classic example of collective hysteria, ie. transmission of collective delusions or ideas, in our case here through an over-aroused CC population as a result of rumors and need.

* These orbs not to be confused with ‘balls of light’ sometimes seen in fields.

Much to excite, all feelings run strong;

perhaps is in 'Angels', us wishful, us hoping.

And Oh!... what delight would be if it only

connected with presence from far and beyond.

Pearl-liken’d showers they hang in the air;

‘Celestial Beings’ in lens frame appear.

Some say it’s Spirit that’s caught in the light,

others, just dust that’s come plain into sight.

Is this of real mystery like ghosts in the mist?

Let not of our sense and a wit be seduced

by need to read into of some things less clear;

keep open mind close, go with caution and care.

Of course we all would like to think there is more out there than is immediately obvious, which is the basis of any spiritual pathway, but here in this arena where we are dealing with something of such immeasurable importance and largely unknown I felt it important to differentiate between reality or not. Afterall, if there was in fact some kind of almost tangible link, an interface with Humanity from another!

I need not go on.

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