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Simply Building Bridges...with Harmony in Mind.

It is generally felt that the intent behind CCs is far more than just a pretty pattern.

For most people their focus in CCs lies within the actual pictogram/design and maybe speculating on possible meanings held therein. But for most this is sadly an ‘armchair’ perspective as few will be able to actually visit a CC on the ground witnessing the grandeur and also to feel the social tensions usually present.

This article will mean less to newcomers than to the ‘old skool’ 1st generation contingent who’s relationship with the CCs has evolved with, and neglected I have to say, these social tensions over the years. For newcomers the current position of working with farmers positively will be the norm. They will recognise untainted, the sense and benefits of such work as CGI whereas the other may feel some sort of conflict of interest along the line, most likely due to habit or money. All the old damaging habits of visit, commerce and ego led behaviours can be linked to that which has inhibited integration and growth over past years. These words are not realistically expecting all change and cooperation for the common good, moreover just a spark to awareness, a seed sown for later when maybe we have grown a bit…to think otherwise would be naive and unrealistic.

Handover of monies collected at The Eagle CC 2015 to Jennifer Green of the 'Brighter Futures' cancer charity

with farmer James Hussey and myself.

However, I have no doubt whatsoever that meaningful evolution related to CC culture will occur if the CC Makers continue to persist in their efforts to make contact which will be the most important event in human history…that goes without saying. Of course, in reality this evolution started from the advent of CCs, on day one, the very first CC, but now we are in a position to accelerate this evolution…in a social sense.

So, building bridges, what does this mean in our context? Of course, here we talk of steps towards smoothing those damaging local social tensions and attitudes related to CC events, translating them into a perceived positive that all can relate to, a perfect balance akin to that shown in a Euler’s Identity CC a few years ago at Winton Windmill, widely regarded as the perfect equation in mathematics. That is why this formulation is the perfect equation in a social sense. A marriage between such a coarse as helping with cancer simply cannot and shouldn’t be argued with. To equate CCs with such a sensible, noble and healing cause such as in charities like ‘Brighter Futures’ should do no wrong. Even the nay-sayers should approve as they themselves one day may need treatment for cancer.This whole business of CCs will never evolve in a meaningful way without a social permission which of course is THE big challenge here. But, and this is the big but, if we do manage to break through the over three and a half decades worth of social negativity this could impact on Mankind in a way not hitherto seen before. So this why we just have to try…don’t we? All could endorse CGI’s efforts to bring harmony to the fields. All this is far more important than the dreams and commercial aspirations of mere individuals.


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