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Just for 100%Clarity...

Over the past few years there have been varying levels of confusion over who is collecting for what at CC events, whether they be in Dorset or Wiltshire. Just to make things 100% crystal clear, CGI will be exclusively collecting donations for the cancer treatment fund ‘Brighter Futures’, a fund which participating farmers thus far have been happy to back and any new farmers on board this season will be kindly encouraged to do likewise. These donations will only be collected at the gate to the field where the CC event has occurred. No other crop circle agencies or individuals have authorisation to do likewise so please be aware and to not hand your money over no matter how plausible the internet site, individual tout or other means may be. CGI members will always wear a badge of identification on site. It is important to publicise this fact so as to avoid factors such as bogus claims of donation at the gate, something we encountered last year, a position that CGI members would not be happy to deal with. Any confusion connecting any crop circle exhibition, show, event or other CC 'cafe' type venues or agencies with CGI activities should be dismissed as we act entirely independent, keeping the formulation as simple, clear and workable as possible.

Thanks for reading.


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