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Wylye CC

This CC occurred amidst a background of controversy, which, OK I have to admit, is not that unusual in this subject. Because the reporters seemed to be playing games, self-promoting and were not immediately forthcoming with details, location and photos etc people naturally started to become creative in their thinking regards the CCs authenticity. However, once photos were published it became immediately clear to me at least that we had another wonderful example of a mysterious event on our hands.

'Energy Leak' is a term I coined to describe a probability anomaly in tramlines (where the tractor goes) more in my detailed article here...!Energy-Leak-in-Crop-Circles/c218b/566acfa20cf2bbe8cab4d131

The term 'bent nodes' is familiar to most as an indicator, is fairly well known within the CC community but maybe not quite so 'Energy Leak' as my publicised description of it is only relatively recent.

I have shown that this feature is a significant recurring trend within the CC phenomena and should be taken seriously, a feature that, although not biophysical in nature really does push the bounds of probability. Please scour the archives for numerous historic examples. In a nutshell, here we speak of still standing/altered by degree, a line of crop running down the course of the crop field tramline where it runs through the CC when all other on either side has been laid with precision. This feature does not happen in all CCs but where it does it is quite obvious and appears incongruent and sometimes untidy compared to the surrounding lay. The Wylye CC has this feature.

All crop laid neatly except near the tramlines.

Copyright Tom Teegan for photos.

Here we can see standing crop within the CC to the left of the photo were the tramline runs through the CC.

I would not call this particular image the perfect example but to the trained eye EL is clearly present. One would expect all crop to be laid evenly.

Just think about this for a moment. From a humanly made perspective, a point of view held by many regards this CC when just published, consider the complications added to construction. The task of executing a pattern at night-time (and in this case foul weather conditions) is hard enough in itself but to alter only in these areas, quite unnecessary work and time-consuming in almost the shortest hours of darkness of the year would seem absurd and highly improbable...frankly inconceivable... like travelling to Scotland via Paris starting from London; possible but highly improbable. I have witnessed humans struggling to do far less and in ideal conditions. Energy Leak has been a recurring feature in CCs since I can recall, is not something new. When one cross refers the qualities and features of this particular CC compared to many other CCs largely regarded as mysterious, the probability of this one too matching as mysterious would seem most compelling.

Lastly, I do respect people's right to express their opinion on CC authenticity but in truth to be valid and useful surely that opinion really does need to be backed up by solid evidence and sound reasoning, such as we have here.

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