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Badger Sett Mystery!

'Dreamcatcher' CC on Hackpen Hill 2013

In the above photo we can see the position of an entrance hole to a badger sett which is a system of tunnels and chambers, commonly found on sloping ground to ensure good drainage to the sett as in this site here on Hackpen Hill; this is where the badgers live and have their babies. These tunnels can amount to over a 100 meters in length with many entrance holes, sometimes anything from 50 to 100 in number and are commonly situated in close proximity to a copse or wood. Badger setts can be a hundred years old having accommodated many generations of badger families. The photo shows the position of the 'sett' found in the 'Dreamcatcher' CC of 2013. At the time of this CC CGI were here helping the farmer in the same way as we are doing right now with the 'Shark' CC at Hackpen Hill below but we didn't think any more about it at the time.

You will see that in this Shark CC too we have what appears to be the same positioned badger sett entrance hole, again on the south western side of the event. Using this point of reference I think it fair to suggest that this latest 'Shark' CC seems to be superimposed exactly upon the site of the 'Dreamcatcher' CC in 2013. You could actually be forgiven for thinking this spot was some sort of 'Stargate'...whatever that means! As you will discover, if you follow the link above, badger setts have many entrance holes at different locations all around their domain and it is unlikely that there is another such entrance hole in close proximity to the one shown. Hence, this entrance hole would seem a reliable reference point to proximate both events.

'Mr Brock'... as a badger is known locally.

Here now, we need to consider the diameter of each CC relative to each other.

I have made measurements and in the case of the 2013 event they needed to be of a 'proportional estimate' nature, and the calculation regards this 2013 event was based upon a tram-line (T/L) pitch of 28m. The Shark event was based upon a T/L pitch of 36m. This is because farm working practice on this farm has changed their machinery calibration in those intervening three years. Both measurements came out at about 32m radius give or take.

Badger sett entrance hole currently unused due most probably to so much human activity.

I've never seen such a thing before. Is this deliberate? My understanding of the phenomenon thus far is that designs usually do appear completely deliberate and considered. Perhaps this spot has special qualities and if for no other reason it is fun to ponder. If we get a third CC on this precise location I think more work should be done here.

Perhaps it's the badgers that do all the CCs?!

Cub badger...Aawwh!

Adult badger at night-time...they are mostly nocturnal creatures.

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