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Children and Crop Circles

Well, I’ve been living in a field here for nearly six weeks now and I've not quite gone ‘ferrel’ ..not yet anyways!

One thing that has struck me though working on the front line here on Hackpen Hill for all this time, as well as other CC locations, is how, surprisingly, new visitors to the subject actually are regards the whole topic of mystery and ‘otherworldliness’. Many a time it was almost as if they just needed conformation of what was already being held in their hearts and was not such a shock after all…almost a relief. People are fed so much rubbish!

The children especially seem to benefit from the CC experience, not carrying any preconceived negativity or social bias along with them. Children from around 6 years old and upwards are quickly engaged and often become animated loving to be asked what they think makes the CCs or where they come from. Often they will announce in a matter of fact sort of way... “It’s aliens, it’s aliens!” whilst jumping up and down with glee. Children are intuitive and most definitely aware of crop circles; they go away with a head full of even more wondrous thoughts.

For children, I feel more exposure to the phenomenon could well increase their levels of lateral thinking as their imagination is stimulated and into such realms as only children can go. One could also argue that exposure to the mystery at this age may well equip them with more insight for something that may lay ahead… in their future. I personally feel growth is inevitable.

I also feel that CCs may be of benefit in other ways too. I recall an incident at Shapwick, Dorset in 2014 when CGI were looking after a CC for a farmer. A group of Special Needs children came along to visit the CC. One lad in their group was normally withdrawn and uncommunicative. When he came out of the CC both fellow students and teachers alike agreed he was quite different, becoming animated and talkative. He behaved in a similar way when inside the CC also. I suggested to the teacher he come back for more but after consulting the head teacher they were unable to for some reason. Perhaps there is potential here.

I would recommend trips to managed or 'money boxed' CC events throughout the holiday period when kids tend to get bored and need engaging. Core Group initiative (CGI) are quite happy to accommodate groups of children for whom the visit will be completely free; this I believe would be especially useful for parents at this sometimes expensive and testing time of year, the summer school holidays. Actually I think it would be empowering for children themselves, given the right level of support, to take their parents to a CC event instead of the other way around. We can learn so much from our children.

Recalling the Emily Trim et al 'contact' event on the 16th September 1994 in a school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe when a group of 60 young children aged between 5

and 12

years old had a collective CE5K experience. When independently debriefed they told exactly the same story. Please check out the full story and videos here...truly incredable! Children are the most important witnesses and should be taken seriously.

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