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Crop Circles...a Sociological Proposition.

You can talk all day about the nuts and bolts of CCs, how it’s done, what does it mean and by who or what but we probably won’t get anywhere as the means by which CCs occur is far beyond any terms of reference Man could even follow... I bet ya! Our science would be infantile compared to let’s say, a technology 1000,100,000 or even 10 million years more advanced than ours obviously. Man has not yet evolved enough emotionally/spiritually or technologically, done sufficient homework to reach certain milestones enabling him to process information thus compared.

In a way, the means, design or construction analysis of CCs is a minor side issue, less relevant although fascinating to the mind compared to the probable reasons behind them. The fact that they are transmitted regularly and interfacing with us, stirring our thoughts, should be enough for the most part. I feel that CCs are just the ‘starter-motor’ towards something far more significant. We do receive overt messages/symbology in the events not uncommonly but quite often the patterns are a mystery. The masculine of our species tends to quickly latch onto and persists with such obvious aspects instinctively (myself no exception...for a time anyways) whereas the feminine will go the other way towards esoteric and/or spiritual and just ponder. Studying the actual signals is all good of course but we could look beyond all that obvious stuff…look beyond the ‘starter-motor’ toward the whole point of it all which is probably sociological in nature...our behaviour that is of course the challenge here.

I personally approach the CC issue from a starting point of immense respect and awe. Many do not. (I sometimes wonder, if ET does actually arrive here and connect with us more openly how much time it would have for such people that openly misrepresent them; that should be a very sobering thought for these types I would say!) It is entirely possible of course that the senders of these transmissions can influence and guide individuals in some chosen way if they so wished, but perhaps they are allowing people to show their true colours. This influence aspect is not pure speculation but more based on the sender’s (track record) ability to manipulate other aspects of our environment i.e. the crop material.

But when one gets over the pictorial, geometric and pure magnificence of the subject one can soon realise that to advance with this, Man en masse will be thinking in a very different way. But that is not going to happen any time soon whereas with individuals it could and probably is. That is why I feel that free and up to date education ‘at the gate’ is so important, an attempt to inform greater and greater numbers towards a 'critical mass' whereon the education will take on a life of its own...then unstoppable! Good quality grass-roots education in the past has often been blurred or biased by either ignorance, self-promotion or financial considerations. Pure nuts and bolts CC information has not been the norm with many talks, some going wildly off topic, peripheral or obscure in nature.The G2 population who are less informed have been neglected of basic truth information.The regular audience in the past has been largely unchanged, the loyal few but this is most definitely changing now due to CGI representation 'at that gate'. 'Phase Two' includes the encouraging of a new and wider audience (G2s) into the arena, the general public who will then expand the social debate/awareness.

In truth we do not know what the next level will entail, it may be something very, very subtle almost unnoticed but nonetheless positive, or something closer to open communion with the wider cosmic community which I feel is less likely at this point as that would cause immense social tension. I have little doubt though that this cosmic community is alive and well, thriving and concerned about events happening here on Earth. It is a staggering thought, of a non terrestrial intelligence offering a hand of friendship to Man only to be muted by our ‘controllers’ who obviously feel that we (or they) are not ready and/or equipped. This may be partially but not necessarily completely true. The senders obviously think we can handle it otherwise they would not have even attempted such a thing as CC contact. I’m going with the premise here that all is benign but this could be a wrong and foolish position. But, based upon signals thus far received, the interface would seem benign.

Our ‘controllers’ or so called 'leaders' primary concern is of course, not so much to benefit the whole of Humanity in the long term but one of control and party politics locally in the short...looking for a stability to keep them in power. That’s just the way things are right now.This is a trivial position relatively speaking compared to maybe later when we are part of a cosmic ‘government’ that is truly benevolent and concerned, seeing and regarding the bigger picture. Perhaps thinking like this is a bit premature but I see this as simply inevitable at some point. Short-sighted local issues of greed, commerce and want will play no place there I suspect. But we are not there yet. For now our controllers wish for social, financial and belief based values to remain unchanged/stable which in a way is responsible leadership although not progressive. They may well feel overwhelmed at the prospect of governing a country/world containing the ET factor in plain view! When this does eventually happen however the world will undoubtedly change... and dramatically, no question. What non of us want here on Earth is yet more chaos…we have quite enough of that already! But for the first time in CC history CGI are taking on that aspect of the phenomenon that is more sociologically weighted. In a word, integration.

However, the senders of these CC transmissions would have known all this i.e. our tendencies toward self-interest even before their first action (reason tells us that they probably know us better than we do ourselves. Let’s face it, Man is so predictable!)

And so to my main point; they, the 'Makers', would have calculated ways to bypass our leaders in a way that causes little alarm. The very concept of CCs in itself is safe, does no real harm and is a very clever concept indeed…we can either engage or not; a position of choice. But evolution has been a theme within CCs since their inception here on Earth and there is no reason to believe this evolution will just stop, especially as we continue to dig ourselves deeper and deeper into an ever increasing ecological ‘hole’. This may well be the primary driver behind the interface...and time is running out! My feeling is the next step will be sociological in nature through this increased integration.

For instance, one way to bypass the leaders is something like that which is already now actually working with CGI . Whether it was by way of something more exotic along the lines of non delusional thought insertion (I, nor indeed my family do not consider myself as delusional) or just plain inspiration the fact is the CGI was put into place in 2011. Funnily enough this event coincided with ‘time of change’ expectations related to end of epoch, Mayan calendar. This CGI (Core Group Initiative) process introduced charity as a possible catalyst towards progress and changing mind-set as it was socially acceptable. It seems to be working. It is the perfect formulation in a way, as you simply cannot argue with it; that is why it can bypass the controller grip. However, the significance of this initiative may only be acknowledged widely a bit later on as folks tend to ‘blank out’ for a while when there are conflict of interest issues to be resolved or status quo threatened. We don’t care for change.

Just to say, if I go AWOL or die a mysterious death (Aaagghhh!) you will probably know the reason why…that we were being just too effective! Could happen but probably won’t…ummm...I hope! If it does it would be a case of martyrdom then the push and awareness would likely evolve even more!

This CGI formulation, if taken to the ultimate degree could in theory change the world dramatically. Sounds grandiose I know but it’s possible. How could that be I hear you ask? Well, imagine if media and politics were motivated somehow, lured by charity and improved local community relations, into changing their usual view to the extent that people became more socially permitted to engage with CCs freely and without fear of ridicule or prejudice en masse. Constructive organisation would ensue facilitating fundraising to redress much imbalance through mass CC visits by naturally curious populations. These many visitors would willingly enhance the coffers of many needy and wanting causes by countless currency millions and at the same time enhance and elevate social thinking and by so doing raising the frequency of the human condition 'to boot'. I’ve seen how hungry and ‘turned on’ the hundreds of new visitors are before and after having experienced a CC for the first or second time. This is the norm rather than the exception.

If this process were to get under way the Circlemakers would no doubt respond positively giving timely ‘cues and aids’ towards fulfilment. But it has to be us doing the doing…as it seems to be the case they won’t do it for us, and quite right I would say. Mind boggling, but (almost) possible! Even if only a fraction of this hypothesised forecast became a reality, the world would still benefit hugely. All it needs is a will on our part. These are just words on a screen I know but in truth all things have to start somewhere. Dare we even think this far into a concept?!

A very tall order, as we should not forget we are still a very primitive species.

I’ll never forget, , the 2011 ‘big deal’, fixed and corrupted meeting upstairs in a Devizes museum with it’s allegedly honourable Director acting as (objective) chairperson.This was a meeting of the most leading CC ‘wisemen and women' (which included and was supported and biased by high end local officials representing the ‘Establishment’, such as Police Dept. a local MP and NFU rep.) to discuss a way forward with CCs… and what a fiasco that was! It was a complete set-up. Some key contenders had already made a previous judgement on what the outcome would be. Quite frightening actually when I think back just how close we had been to ‘Establishment’ takeover and control’ of CC matters in the UK (and indeed the farmers themselves as it would have been taken out of their hands and a system encouraged or even imposed upon them via the MP (government) should they have succeeded! Ironically, the chief proponent was not even a British subject but in fact a Dutchwoman!

It was soon after this event that I realised it is not truthful intention but what nonsense you can actually persuade/sell to the unsuspecting public via propaganda and plausible media coverage that commonly ensues. That process seemed so sad and cynical, especially in the CC arena.

When I submitted the CGI (Core Group Initiative) formulation it was turned down flat, they didn't want to know; no enthusiasm whatsoever, in favour of something absurd; again primarily State controlled, totally unrealistic, commercially weighted and supported buy those insecure few with something to peddle... and it wasn’t the policeman's bicycle either! That’s just how shallow things in the CC world have been for years now. Needless to say that idea died a predictable death as CGI gathered steam regardless, along with its proponents thank goodness! It literally came around full circle, excuse the pun. We should never forget just how close we came to disaster lest such an attempted coup may be tried again! But it would need to be a pretty unique and clever formulation to override that of CGI's right now!

Yes, corruption and low frequency self interest has played a big part in CC politics too I’m afraid! But perhaps now it is... 'Clean-Up Time'!


The subject of CCs and its implications is by far the most profound to face Man in his entire history. It’s no wonder there’s going to be a bit of attempted exploitation, manoeuvring and manipulating going on! It is a sad reflection indeed upon the human condition when even CC ‘enlightened’ and ‘wise’ front rank players cannot get past such basics through lack of insight and reflection, personal greed and issues of over-valued ego (low frequency behaviour). This is all G1 stuff I have to say... new (G2) visitors have not yet accrued this level of negative baggage. These characteristics just don’t seem to tally with a subject of such magnificence and magnitude as the CC phenomenon…it deserves far far better.

Given that the senders of these transmissions have a plan, which seems obvious, a plan that may well be ‘Man proof’ and has been carefully thought through as you would expect, I personally feel very optimistic regards progress in our subject, never felt so solid. I have to tell you that since the CGI process started in 2011 its passage has been flowing like a river, all falling in to place with apparent ease despite those desperate and persistent attempts to sabotage it, which happily now seems far less...a realisation no doubt has set in. It’s almost as if the CGI process is being ‘helped’ and mentored in some way, helping it to go from strength too strength; it would certainly seem that way. However, I’m sure there will still be those killjoys out there that won’t like such PR positivity.

Our leaders though need not worry with regards their brief. ET hasn’t landed on the White House lawn nor is he likely to. This would obviously cause mayhem! The intelligence behind all this will accommodate and respect the bigger picture I feel sure in a way gentle and considerate to all parties… like the giving to us of the crop circles themselves.

I can almost see a day when there really will be a need for a Minister for Crop Circle Issues LOL in the Houses of Parliament. But seriously if all this goes to another level it will need serious management! Let's hope that person or persons won't be dishonourable or corrupt! I don't think they the Creators would allow that anyways!

This is almost unimaginable to even consider, out of the box I know but if you agree with what has been said here please feel empowered, do something; send this article link to everyone you know and ask them to do likewise. We really do need to be proactive and get this message out there...even if not for just ourselves but also for our children and grandchildren's sakes!


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