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Let's Just Simplify Matters a Little...

Modus Operandi (MO) No.1 The inference here is that the equipment on display is somehow linked with the process, indeed the film clip this photo came from was connected with crop formations. Photo copyright 'Audi.' With thanks.

This article will clearly show the striking difference between reality and non reality to a point almost too embarrassing to relate to the reader. This piece should reasonably conclude an aspect of CF folk-lore that has been the 'crux' of the matter for over 35 years now...'How is it done!!?' This question has been the subject of all the fuss and squabbling asserted between the alleged instigators/claimers and others that wouldn't quite 'buy into' the silly stories usually accompanying the more elaborate CFs. In the following paragraphs supported by photographs that illustrate the point perfectly, it will be shown not just how absurd but also how wide is the gulf between fact and fiction.

Here we have a group of practitioners embarking on what turned out to be a disinformation video. (I personally catalogued ON SITE, IN REAL TIME the whole thing!) We can see clearly that the MO being used is the primitive and time consuming string and tape method. This MO can, given favourable conditions and enough time be successful but only for very small and simplistic designs.

These CFs would NEVER contain anomalistic features like node bending or 'energy leak". The lesser quality and lack of finesse is quite evident when compared to the real thing.

Like so many other CF enthusiasts over the years of reading accounts, seeing photographs and viewing half cooked videos of CFs allegedly being 'made' by 'experts', certainly for me personally over my 16 years of observations I have clearly noted an alleged MO (modus operandi) that has NOT CHANGED one bit over that time. This is very significant...not forget this! I talk of course the images of men holding either bits of string, tape measures or both and often referring to bits of paper presumably showing a detailed pattern plan to be followed. In other words, this is how they, the deceivers wished you to believe it is all done, and indeed this is the understanding of most people that hang on to and who cannot accept the possibility of a more exotic explanation. This was the going rate as it were and mostly the masses accepted it. This is the undeniable truth, the evidence is out there for all to see and very well documented.

And so again, because this MO did not change for all those years it was taken that this was in fact the way in which these 'claimers' managed to achieve what was alleged. It was asserted that this primitive and simplistic approach successfully accomplished at night and in all weathers something that would be incredulous even in daylight and/if with no fear of detection. But I'm afraid those that purveyed such WERE LYING TO YOU! This MO is just not sufficient to effect such tasks accurately in anything other than the most simplistic of designs. This simplistic MO would also incur significant collateral damage to the surrounding crop that would otherwise need to be undamaged if the design were to be perfect, as they always are in practice.The other factor not to forget is this MO just takes far, far too long. Most of our CFs are transmitted in high summer when there are very limited hours of darkness so detection from farmers, who are routinely up and about by day break or before would be an issue.

Here,again we have an enigmatic and dramatic pose of someone wishing to give the impression that CFs are created employing the use of rope or string with the added complication of darkness. This makes no more sense to me than a buffet in a lift! This MO is how such people would wish the public to believe CFs have been constructed for over 30 years now.

We that live in the real world, those holding sound practical acumen for construction understand fully just how absurd this scam is. This image also says so much about the integrity of people who practice this deception, betraying their fellow Man in such a way. Photo copyright 'Audi.' with thanks.

As explained in detail in my other articles written around the recent Ansty CF 2016 event, I introduced for the first time the use and significance of TST into the CF construction equation/debate. The complexity of the Ansty event and many others of either more or less similar geometric status would preclude such simplistic MO as string and tape being responsible for the frankly miraculous grade craftwork such as we routinely witness in southern UK. The simple reality, as detailed in the professional 'Method Statement' I recently submitted and commissioned myself from a large company of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is that an MO so simplistic and without the employ of sophisticated technology such as TST is just not realistic if the end result desired were to be high end grade construction. Simple fact. You may be interested to know, but not surprised I suspect that surveying technology 35 years ago, around the time that CFs first started appearing looked quite different from today's version, was primitive in comparison one could say. Things have moved on quite a bit since then obviously.

Here above we have MO no.2. TST is being used in conjunction with datum points and mobile prism device enabling the surveyor to plot and mark a physical design on the ground to an accuracy of at least 1mm. This technology may be positioned in any convenient location.

Just a note to clarify: the use of TST or Total Station Theodolite technology is simply the only way to achieve such complex survey events on the ground like Ansty. This is unquestionably provable. The TST tripod we see above may be set up at any point within the construction area in which datum or starting points of reference (enabling the device to get a fix once set) are positioned around the periphery of the construction area that enables the downloaded design to be realised via a remote pole prism held by the surveyor during the process of setting out the design. Basically, the TST and remote prism device 'talk' to each other via IR. The design would be physically marked on the ground, point by point using many coloured flags on marker sticks defining different aspects of said design. In the case of Ansty the number of said markers could easily run into the thousands which would then at some point after need to be collected up again which would cause additional collateral damage to the crop. So to say the TST tripod needs to be set up at the centre point of the construction site is misleading and quite wrong and unnecessary. The area around the TST will NOT necessarily attract additional ground-wear as once set up all work is done remotely to the station as the operator moves around mapping the design. This MO was clearly not used during the construction process of Ansty 2016.

The more I am involved with MRICS and studying their world, the more I understand how absurd the deceiver's stories truly are. One simply cannot make a working performance car out of cheese irrespective of design! Historically TST has not been used or even claimed to aid modern CF construction. TST is essential for such construction, which suggests quite clearly to professional bodies (as set out in my 'Method Statement') that in the absence of such technology something else is being used; something of a much higher order had to be responsible; certainly not string and tape measures...LOL!

As I have mentioned before, the research I have done with regards to TST, bringing the subject to the fore, is the bottom line of the CF construction equation/debate. It has in fact cost me real money with regards the engaging with RICS/MRICS, of which I have no problem with whatsoever. I welcome any future constructive works/articles by others incorporating my observations as this information is key in progressive research. I only ask for accreditation as a matter of simple courtesy. The fact is that recognising TST as the only way to accomplish the vast majority of CF tasks is provable beyond any doubt and would stand up in front of any court of law. A magistrate bases his judgement upon evidence put before him so in reality the purveyors of silly nonsense stories such as 'Human made' or "We know who did it"...would hold no water whatsoever and be thrown out.

Thought/prediction... The next thing we will see in the claimer's repatoire will be images of TST in fields containing a CF! Can't wait for that! That will be fun...LOL!

Thanks for reading.

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