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Thoughts Prior To Season 2017

​Sociology Vs Patterns and Geometry.

The truthful reality is, thus far, the majority of folks are quite naturally far more drawn to the amazing geometry which equates to something very obvious and also the possible meanings rather than sociological impact/issues that CFs raise. Further on down the road, when we are more mature this will not be the case.

The pictogram to the right certainly caught the attention of the public and was arguably a game changer in the CF world mainly because it was featured on the cover of a Led Zep album.

Image: photographer unknown .

​Let’s face it, this really does seem like a time of meaningful change in a worldly sense whereupon major issues and events are being addressed in a way hardly imaginable within recent history. The USA and Brexit politics are good examples. Even within our specialist sphere of topic we are beginning to see ways of working unimaginable before in terms of farmer cooperation/participation albeit very slow which is of course consistent with a very conservative traditional farming community, usually cautious and guarded when it comes to change. In order to keep this positive development moving forward, I feel at this juncture especially it is imperative for the visitors to field events (CFs ie. crop formations) to be even more mindful of the upside of respectful consideration when it comes to their experience conduct/choices however frustrating this may feel. Over the last five years CGI have been working consistently and tirelessly to establish a sound basis for positive working practice with this farming community, despite a much noted indifference and lack of public support sadly from many of the old school G1 historic 'crop watching' community who should now be well aware of what help and service CGI can afford. I really do hope that this group will not hamper progress by this continued indifference, or worse, take paying groups into fields without permission. For all those that truly care on a more than superficial/selfish/money stuff level I would hope support and public endorsement would be the order of the days to come. I feel sometimes we may well lose sight of this subject’s unparalleled potential that could easily take us all by surprise in some way at any time. This sight loss is primarily due to being wrapped up in our own agendas/ego issues/habit, on auto pilot. We live largely in a culture of immediate gratification rather than being mindful of things ahead.

I write this now, well before the season has begun as I’m mindful that overseas/UK organisers will be wanting to start formulating their group visits to the UK in good time. Of course nothing can be guaranteed in this subject as we all know, but I would urge such group facilitators to consult this site regularly with regards (authorised) field entry status at any given time and details regards such matters as coach/ car parking and other practical matters. Management of traffic is something CGI take very seriously as it flags up obvious safety issues that can often alert the local police to escalating an event to a point whereon the farmer will simply come along and cut out the CF! Again, I don’t need to stress the importance of only taking your groups, whether large or small to events with farmer invitation and managed by CGI representatives or other farmer approved bodies. To do otherwise is not smart and will only add to an increased level of bad PR and almost certainly, disappointment and upset. Attempts at sneaking in quietly at the end or very early in the day by-passing the gate is probably a bit sad and frankly not in the spirit of the CFs but I’ve witnessed it happen and mostly by old school G1s that should really know better. Field open hours are usually 9am-9pm which we feel is plenty of time in which to make a visit. Participating farmers support this strategy as when darkness falls the likelihood of damage to crop and CF increases and also recognises CGI staff need a cut off point from an otherwise usually busy and demanding day; please respect this.

Farmers will only cooperate with a well organised event that avoids issues and trouble that adds to their already hugely busy workload around pre/ harvest time. Please try to understand this. This cooperation will bode well for future years and make events a much happier and harmonious time for all.

Please try to understand also that CFs seem to be primarily a sociological phenomenon. That aspect which is ‘solving’ and studying geometric patterns, although fascinating to the mind, an attraction for the intellect to speculate over, are the very obvious but perhaps more superficial aspects of which the masculine of our species especially seems naturally drawn towards. Men like to solve problems (I am no exception) as opposed to most of 'feminine' who largely just seem to allow things to be and accept...there are a few glaring exceptions to this in our arena though, as you may be aware! My feeling is that CFs are a means to a greater end rather than just an attraction in themselves. I think there is an inherent metaphor in here somewhere regards global current socio-political discourse and indeed the human condition itself. Just the fact of our historical disregard and lack of respect for farmers seems to say it all.

The less obvious and far more demanding and challenging of which we have collectively avoided historically is the coming to terms with the cooperative aspect which here in this arena is, especially right now, as said a perfect microcosmic example of our current world situation of non cooperation and conflict. Our current pathway of greed, self and destruction is simply not only shallow but also unsustainable. Throughout history 'getting along' is something Man has not been able to do that well it seems. Hitherto all this was part of the natural process of evolution of course but recognising, dealing with and exposing undesirable factions are just part of the process lest the process be sabotaged by short-sighted self interest. This evolution will continue but the Creators have recognised perhaps we are at a junction whereon a renewed consciousness of more compassion and cooperation is needed if Man is to thrive in the long term. So, I would suggest that if we concider CFs as signals more to gain our attention towards higher-end social behaviour/ awareness as well as geometric/mathematical problems to solve we could become more aligned to the real point.

So, I say, what chance for all else if we, the alleged ‘enlightened’ but relatively few CF followers can’t even get this message. Our frequency, I suggest could better be enhanced by showing more respect and not participate in uninvited field choices...I wish there was an easier way to say this. I also have to say, in my observations thus far is that the G2 group with no real established habit score far higher than the G1s in this regard as one would expect. G1s naturally carry a certain amount of historic 'crop-watching' bad habit/ baggage.

These words are an attempt towards resolve in a situation that has been well out of control from a farmers perspective for over 30 years now and a situation that will NOT improve unless someone or something dynamic occurs or takes the initiative. This is what CGI have been attempting to do. The thought of a tractor cutting a freshly made CF should be our worst nightmare!

To make it clear once more, CGI get nothing nor ask for any personal gain beyond a little civil recognition, attempting to help. The simple fact is, within the last five years CGI are the only organisation known who are attempting to address these difficult social issues. Sometimes it can feel like a thankless task!

We at the CGI website will only convey TRUTH as we know it to be at the time of writing…always. You can rely on that.

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