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Dorset 'Energy Leak' Probability Anomaly.

With reference the Cerne Abbas Giant, Nr Minterne Magna, Dorset. Reported 22nd May 2017.

Let's assume for a moment that those that are now reading these words are not in fact suffering from cognitive dissonance. We could also assume people reading these words are receptive to reason, logic and have common sense in good supply. Historically, we have observed that those who do in fact harbour CD will be unwilling to accept a snail as a snail even if it is slowly slithering across the table right in front of them...this is all part and parcel of an unconscious security mechanism well entwined within the current human condition. It is reluctant to change it's status, Image copyright CCC with thanks.

even, as said, with much evidence

and healthy debate.

Copyright CCC with thanks. (screenshot.)

Copyright Jane Barford 2017 with thanks.

Below we have ground-lay that is similar to Hackpen 'Sharks' last season. The crop was lowered there by 25cms. by double node bending that is impossible to replicate when present on day one.

Copyright Steven Grant with thanks.

So, here we have some evidance albeit of largely 'probability' in nature. Strangely with crop formations in any weather conditions the high-end, exquisite nature and quality always without mistakes or aborted efforts seems to be a predictable constant with only one or two (on average) obvious and crude publicity attempts each year intended to deliberately discredit the phenomenon. 'Energy Leak' is a recurring theme and by probability standards is unlikely to occur repeatedly over the years and on a global scale. It's presence would add hinderance and complication to the construct of any CF without any visual benefits.

Copyright Steven Grant with thanks

Having seen the ground shots from this field site now it seems very clear to me at least that it would be very hard indeed to argue that this new CF is nothing other than an event of non-human origin. Aerial geometry appears precise and actual lay area is extensive. It would take nothing less than a super human courage at fear of farmer intervention to tackle such a 'damage-extensive' task within close proximity to the cottage dwelling seen in the first photo. The fact that this CF field site is practically on top of this local cottage, who's inhabitants I think it fair to say have a telephone and would be acutely aware of any 'goings-on' in their immediately locality adds considerable weight to this position. I hope to find out if they have a dog, as is very likely in the countryside in the UK. Parking here looks very limited.

As I have stated clearly before E/L is a very compelling and recurring, 'over the years' probability anomaly which goes against the natural tendencies of human nature, from a practical point of view. The part random 'feather-brush' ground-lay also conforms to this hypothesis. You can read more on this feature here. It has clearly been recorded that where there has been human involvement , say with a commercial event/debunking video the ground-lay is consistantly and equally flattened.

Images Copyright Jane Barford 2017

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