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Response to Email from Distressed Individual.

The above formation at Badbury Rings, Dorset depicts the Kabbalah, a symbol of wise and profound meaning to those of the Jewish faith... indeed we could all learn much from these writings. This event was created exactly 3 years to the day after another CF just over the road. It also had elements of the Kabbalah within its design.

Today I received an email from someone who did not give their name and on the surface appeared to be a very frightened and distressed young man. I am approaching this from a viewpoint that very likely there are many more such people, especially young, vulnerable and uninformed that are trying to make sense of the phenomenon. Not only do we need to make sense of the world as a whole (very hard right now) but also this subject that runs parallel, a subject that in truth no one is willing or able to address beyond a preoccupation with the obvious. A preoccupation with stuff that's ‘fascinating to the mind’ rules; i.e. geometry, possible meaning and decoding, speculating wildly and so on. I suspect increasingly this topic will gradually extend beyond the largely veiled and muted reception it gets with the press et al right now…people talk, become educated and have experiences in the fulness of time. However, social mores do have a strong and binding hold over individuals and communities. Our spiritual vulnerabilities in this subject are left to fend for themselves largely. The following is a good example.

So anyways, hoping some light may evolve from this... I shall attempt to briefly answer this guys questions and perhaps it will be of benefit to others also.


"Watch out for debunkers" Ahahahahahahahaha!!!! oh that was something special. Thanks for that. I needed to laugh today because I'm so pathetic and depressed because I have an "over-valued sense of self”.

Apparently the "vast majority of CCs are completely mysterious in origin". For a start you need to provide some evidence for this claim. A picture of some "mysterious" crop circles and an explanation as to why they are more mysterious that the others would be a great start, but it still wouldn't count as hard evidence…

Please pay attention to the subject and read CGI website, especially ‘Energy Leak’ and 'Witnessed Event at Salthrop' articles.

Do you care to provide your "evidence" that the crops were bent by aliens? because if you did have any, I know of a 1 million dollar prize fund dedicated to finding such evidence. It hasn't been claimed yet, so we could be the first!

I never use the word ‘Aliens’…too emotive. We do know for absolute fact that node bending cannot occur on day one of a new event. We can rule out positive phototropism. I would love to claim the prize!

We could split the money if you want bro. 50/50. Easiest half a million I've ever made in my life. I wonder why it hasn't been claimed already... Hmmm…

£19,700 so far raised, mostly to ‘Brighter Futures’ Swindon charity for cancer treatment.

The 'parachute' event of three years ago.

I'm pretty sure that there are thousands of universities out there that are dying to see your "evidence" (haha)

No, unfortunately they are not. Funding for crop formation research is nil currently as it remains controversial and scientists seem unable to think beyond the current scientific paradigm.

I'm not asking for much. Just what you think counts as "evidence" for aliens bending grass. That's all.

Grass formations in the UK are non existent…the norm is arable standing crops. The grass ones we get that are always in the same location in the Netherlands frequently are largely regarded with immense suspicion. Please read numerous articles on CGI research pages regards node anomalies.

While I'm waiting for you to find your evidence (which may take a while). How about you answer some questions for me?

OK…I’ll try.

Why would anything (aliens and humans included) traverse the vastness of space, simply to draw a picture in a field?

Perhaps this is an attempt at ‘first en-masse contact’. Perhaps they/it/whatever do not 'traverse'…moving from A to B is purely a human concept. Perhaps space is not vast as we understand the word. Parallel universes, other dimensions may be but a couple of other alternatives. Remember, Man has only say 100 years worth of meaningful technology; other agencies may have millions of years worth…or more.

I mean... lets say that humans invent spaceships... That means we have built a machine that can traverse the universe faster than the speed of light. That means we created a warp drive. That means we understand spacetime. That means that we understand matter and energy, and we can manipulate atoms at the smallest level, and even possibly create negative energy... If we understand all that... Why would we waste time drawing a picture in a field for a species that are far less superior to us... Why would we do that? You can't just move on... You actually have to answer that question, as it is the most important one.

As in Man, there will always be someone far less or greater in a learning/otherwise sense than ourselves. It would be of a very low frequency to write others off just because they were not of the same calibre as us. 'Wasting time' is a subjective…perhaps the CF contact is an investment towards something forward thinking like joining a Cosmic community. But in truth there is so much we just do not know right now.

Then lets assume humans travel to another planet... What in the world would posses us to draw pictures in a Alien wheat field? Are we fucking with the aliens? isn't there a better way to fuck with them?

I personally feel crop glyphs are a very effective non threatening and neutral mode of initial communication. They promote intrigue and interest in some but not to the extent of provoking a widespread social unrest…one can engage or not, it’s your choice Mr.X.

What are aliens trying to achieve by drawing in the human grass? Why can they only achieve it by drawing pictures in grass?

Not in grass, in crops; initial communication as in…”Beware the bearers of false gifts…” and so on. Perhaps a first step, as said to joining into some sort of Cosmic community.

Why can't they communicate directly? Why is there no direct evidence of their ship? Why is there no direct evidence of their biology? Why is there no direct evidence of their tools?

‘Direct’ is risky, subtle is less so. There is so much we don’t know though.

Why would they draw a picture in grass when they could draw it on paper? Why draw it on paper when they could send it as a JPEG image via email?

If ‘Contact’ is too obvious and quick the result I fear would be social and financial chaos globally…I believe they understand this all too well and do not wish yet more conflict and mayhem more than we have already.

Why do they hide themselves? If they feel like they should hide, why do they feel safe drawing pictures on the ground?

If the ‘agency’ has a physical form it is likely to be rather different from ours. This would be a shock to us and we may well just resort to what we do so well and that is kill, kill, kill!

Why do the pictures resemble human artefacts and human constructs?

Points of reference we understand and can relate to.

Why don't they communicate in any other way?

They may well do later on. We need to adjust to this mode first.

Why are you wasting your life?

This is rude and personal. I truly hope your life will be as fulfilled as mine has been.

If you are some kind of scam artist that gets people to pay for all this crop circle bullshit, then I understand... Seriously, I do.

The working relationship between some farmers and CGI has flourished in recent years. ‘Brighter Futures’ is the charity we are concentrating on just now. This is raising money to help purchase a Radiotherapy Unit in Wilshire.

There are stupid stupid people in the world that will believe anything, and if you can successfully take their money off them, then why the fuck not…

This is a cynical view of which I do not subscribe to.

I would actually respect you more if you were scamming people. At least then you would have a shred of critical thinking skills.

I will treat that with the contempt it obviously deserves. Good luck on your journey!

Thanks for reading.


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