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Further To My Interview with BBC Radio Essex.

The Undeniable Reality… out in the open at last.

Further to an interview I had with BBC Radio Essex yesterday morning I felt the need to clarify in words my observations described in that interview. In truth I am far better at using the written word than speaking live on TV or radio which I am not used to. However I hope this will improve with practice... given the opportunity LOL!

Many times in the course of crop formation history have people attempted to convey the mysterious nature of the CF subject, highlighting the ‘bent node’ feature as being of significance. However, in recent years, in most cases the commentators have stopped short of actually backing up their position with empirical proof, which is of course the burning question all interviewers will be wanting to ask. Speakers tend towards wild speculation and complex theory, which I never do, preferring a more simplistic and pragmatic approach. In most cases, Youtube video as example, the commentator will just leave the viewer hanging with profound questions, basically leaving all no further forward…and many times confused. I call this sort of ‘reporting’ just a form of entertainment. I’m not sure whether it was fear of being the one who actually ‘let the cat out of the bag’ or whether the fact had simply just not occurred to any of them. I am aware the BLT group did some impressive work in this area in the '90s and maybe others too. But to re-flag and keep things current in the public domain is crucial, especially with the media who will ultimately popularise CFs and sway public opinion.

I suppose I have had an advantage in the sense that, over the last ten years I have been able to literally live in the crop formation landscape for long periods and more recently, CGI working with farmers. I have been blessed with the cherished luxury bonus of living in the field with the crop formations, sometimes going into the event on a daily basis if I wished to. As a field manager to a farmer and charged with looking after an event one has free range to come and go, early on day one of a new CF’s creation in some cases…possibly first human being ever to enter that particular event! This position of prolonged presence allows observations to be made not always possible if just visiting for an hour or two. Many that are frequent CF visitors lead groups of paying guests which of course will result in a certain amount of distraction, just going through the motions as it were, ‘keeping them happy’ and so on…I have never needed to endure such distraction.

So, to the crux of the matter which is something I’ve been banging on about for some time now but strangely nobody seems to have picked up on it and recognised its significance. However, this clearly impressed the presenter Sadie Nine of the BBC Radio Essex ‘Breakfast Show’. I was asked what I thought about the new CF that had just appeared down in Essex. I simply said it was typical of what we can expect in the crop formation world and as an independent researcher I stated we can definitely rule out human intervention as a cause but it is still unknown what is actually responsible; the CF’s origin remains a mystery. I think this put her on a bit of a back footing for a moment; she then felt the need to repeat the question a bit more directly, this time asking for evidence as they usually do. I spelt it out…my hypothesis regards CF events containing node bending on day one of the CF’s creation…as follows:

A handfull of crop grabbed up from last years 'sharks' CF on Hackpen Hill. A large part of the total area of this formation's laid down crop was covered evenly with doubly bent from day one of its creation. These bent stems were part of this CF's original anatomy even before the sun had risen. This is absolute empirical proof of the mysterious nature of this crop formation. I have observed this many times before.

‘In nature if a plant is pushed down unbroken, by weather for example, it will gradually attempt to recover its optimum position for photosynthesis which is the perpendicular; this is called positive phototropism or more commonly known as ‘sun seeking’. However this will always take place over a number of days and will be mitigated by the exact position/local circumstances of that plant.

It has to be pointed out here that any kinking/breakage would mitigate still further potential subsequent natural bending.... this could not occur if the stem was broken as the plant is dying and is becoming rapidly dehydrated.

In CF’s we often find bending of the crop stalk, which occurs on what's called a node, a small swelling on the crop plant shaft; wheat for example has three such nodes along its shaft. These altered stalks (usually anything from 30degrees to 90 degrees bend) when present in a CF are usually uniformly placed around the CF event. The big significance here though, is when this bending does occur in CFs the bending on the node is ALWAYS PRESENT EARLY ON DAY ONE! According to our laws of physics this is utterly impossible! In other words this bending has occurred even before the sun has risen; the sun is the sole driver behind normal phototropism. This is indisputable proof that CFs with this feature have to be completely mysterious in origin. These altered CFs are invaluable to cross-reference with other CFs with features where the ‘probability concept’ then plays an important role.

I rest my case!’

So there it is…this would seem like some sort of crossroads in CF history right now. I will be intrigued to see what the world does with this revelation as it is completely conclusive!

Paul Jacobs ( coregroupinitiative .com)

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