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The Creators appear to be moving in closer.

A non-sensationalist viewpoint. Coincidence or significance?

For those that have read any of my numerous reports previously you will know that I tend not to waste my time with speculations; I only deal with what I either observe or know. I feel compelled to point out that in my observations some ‘players' in this topic feel the need to over-value, even spectacularize their reports, I suspect in an attempt to attract attention to themselves rather than to shed additional/credible light on this enigmatic subject. This is not useful in a research sense although can be entertaining. I am not an entertainer. In writing I have to be mindful to differentiate between the influence my ego could have and realistic pragmatic observations.

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So, to my point.

Bottom line here...three things; Hackpen Hill, farmer Hussey and CGI. The fact is for several seasons now a percentage of CFs seem to be following a trend i.e. have put something ‘in our laps’....or that's how it's felt! Watch this space...if this trend continues in future seasons this will indicate huge significance, no question.The Creators seem to be positively responding to an initiative (CGI) that would seem effective at enhancing integration between community and themselves indeed, why would they not?

Here I will summerise recent history:

2011…Windmill Hill was the kick-off year for CGI when we broke the mould and started positive PR with farmers. We raised £800 in that first year for charity setting the president for benevolence. A first step towards harmony; something seemed to have worked.

2012…Politically turbulent ‘shake-down’ year. (Read end of this article for more on this.)

Image CCC with thanks.

Image Annemieke Witteveen with thanks.

Image Jim Peyton with thanks.

2013…CGI successfully won the ‘shake-down’ crop circle election leading to a more effective way in public relations. After administering at the Silbury Hill ‘ARISE’ CF (above), we were permitted to go along to the Hackpen Hill ‘Dreamcatcher’ event which turned out to be a two-fold event as the ‘Necklace’ (top in right photo) was soon to arrive and directly in front of the CGI van in the field next to The ‘Dreamcatcher’ would you believe! This 'Necklace' formation itself had a phase 2 later on! Farmer co-operative working had truly begun in earnest on Hussey land.

2014…Dorset x2 (above.) These two events effectively established a new area of CGI working (to be repeated in 2017) with new cooperative farmers beyond Wiltshire which at the time had become particularly tiresome and difficult politically. Farmer referral aided no.2 CF here in Dorset which was a very significant development. Although neither of these 2 events were dropped down in front of the CGI van location as with some others you will see they were within easy proximity of each other.

Image MrGiro with thanks.

2015…The 'Rose' (above) and the 'Eagle' at Hackpen Hill. Farmer Hussey requests help from CGI with both these events. The 'Eagle' event was again directly in front of CGI van but on top of the hill!

Image CCC with thanks.

Images CCC with thanks

2016…Firstly the 'Sharks' on top of Hackpen Hill ( this CF by now was looking tired and a bit trodden down by many visitors) then another three-fold CF at bottom of Hackpen Hill in very close proximity to our CGI van location with the 'Sharks'! Again, same farmer cooperation. Can you see the way things seem to be going here? Hackpen Hill especially seems to be a hot-spot, farmer cooperation no doubt mitigating.

Images Jane Barford with thanks.

2017…Dorset ‘Tree of Life’ just up the road from the CGI 2014 ‘Parachute’ event and the 2017 'Star' at Hackpen Hill. Again, same farmer cooperation and both farmer referrals to CGI.

The Creators seem to be sending CFs repeatedly where there is known farmer cooperation... with CGI... and almost putting events in our laps! My personal feeling is that whatever the Creators do it is utterly considered and deliberate.. for a reason. It would seem that CGI are being directly linked into that consideration! For me that is a breathtaking realisation and a very sobering thought. It would seem we are actually working directly alongside E.T. here helping them with their agenda. Or... is all of this a complete nonsense/ coincidence? Many will say this is nonsense but nonetheless the facts appear to speak for themselves.

______ … _____

The old school ‘crop-watcher’ approach as we all know has been historically problematic which yielded little or no positive directly responsive feedback from the Creators beyond the actual events themselves no matter where the CFs may have been. (Exception may be 'The Rose' at Broad Hinton 2015 in possible memorial to farmer's deceased wife Gill Hussey.) The CFs, as said are the very obvious aspect of the phenomenon. But now we seem to have a completely new mode of interplay unfolding whereon the Creators are responding more dynamically and specifically to what we humans do on the ground. This would seem a logical progression if we regard the primary objective of CF activity as being of a more sociological nature. This should be a shocking realisation for many as it reaches so far away from what we are historically used to. Many long-time enthusiasts I suspect may not wish to be aware of this interplay, suppressing the fact even as it is going on; they are certainly not debating it, making it publicly known…which is not much use to anyone I have to say. Most G1's are totally preoccupied with the patterns, possible meanings and their own personal agendas. I believe the 'researching community' needs to grow a bit! The sociological issues seem to have been treated as if taboo so far! Why? Because to recognise and address would mean looking at one's own behaviour and M.O.! However, I believe people could be encouraged to move away from this position soon.

Any changes within the social interface, as credibility increases will be significant, credibility which is now being slowly attributed to this subject via more farmer involvement. If we can get past the idea that CFs are the main point upon which to fascinate the mind and rather more on the main reason why they are sent to us, then this will be when an en-masse social shift/awareness will gradually start to evolve. Hitherto, the immediate gratification culture has a lot to answer for..."Gotta get in there a.s.a.p and be facsinated"!

However, some G1 front-line investors would best evolve themselves, try to make personal sacrifice by changing their M.O. By this of course I refer to, for example, long-time group facilitators leading their charges/reporting from territory uninvited and adopting a renewed, more forward thinking 21st. Century approach. This shift will not be a conscious move I dare say by these involved parties but moreover something of an acquiescent nature... many will hang onto that which gives them identity and specialness, completely disregarding the bigger picture. I suspect that when Man evolves to a higher plane of consciousness this will no longer be the case.

If we follow the progress of events since 2011 you will realise a pattern has been slowly emerging, a recurring theme, a string of events that seems to suggest affirmation of something we are currently doing here. The impact of translating a socially challenging and extremely controversial topic into one of a more social positive must be significant. But until critical mass manifests however the political lobby will no doubt continue to kick and scream. To influence attitudes in such a way as successful farmer working may be the catalyst towards new thinking, especially in the next generation, the start of some sort of revolution in the young perhaps whereon there are real signs of our topic becoming trendy, more widely accepted; i.e. checking out CFs is ‘the thing to do’. We can only wonder at where all this will lead in terms of our future relationship with the Creators of CFs. It is undeniable how things are changing in the field in recent years though, bringing in the first signs of harmony. A very exciting time to be out there I must say!

As Dr Steven Greer says in his latest film ‘Unacknowledged’, it is time for the people to participate more in disclosure. Waiting for official Establishment confirmation that is based on high level self interest would probably be futile. I took the bold step in my BBC Essex radio interview recently to come straight out with it when I had the opportunity… (interviewers usually ask all the wrong questions to the wrong people and can be very tangental.) This bold step is a step few G1s are willing to articulate in the CF world , mostly due to paranoia I suspect. I submitted empirical evidence in favour of the mysterious origin hypothesis that cannot be argued with…IOWs, “We have ruled out human involvement”, and backed it up. Even farmer Tim Carson who was on the show with me would not dispute what I had said…he couldn’t…he only said that farmers were encouraged by the police to report a CF to them as they are…”Technically vandalism” he said inferring humans were involved. He knows perfectly well they are not...he is a practical minded farmer.

Credibility is slowly being added to our subject. This year we had a farmer, James Hussey speaking at a CF ‘talks’ event in Alton Barnes, speaking positively on the topic. He took the opportunity to praise an effective working relationship he has with a certain independent researcher, namely 'yours truly', where no one else seems willing to show praise, curiously. This farmer position has been historically unheard of and I cannot over-emphasis the importance of such an occurrence. We are making tangible progress, albeit unacknowledged by most, no question.

Lastly, a follow-up to my point above is a very interesting one. The ‘talks’ event I mentioned did not invite me to co-appear with the said farmer Hussey although, in fact I am the primary driver behind the PR/ CF charity initiative about which he spoke. He has become my working partner it would seem in CF matters. You may ask ..”Well, why the hell not invited?” To answer this question we need a little insight into recent CF-world history. In 2012/13 there was an election between two diametrically opposed candidates /philosophies. The Dutch candidate (MK) held a political/ financially/self interested based position whilst I with CGI held a purely benevolent and altruistic one. The Dutch candidate was surrounded by predictable others, many of whom were Dutch themselves who wished to capitalise and control the arena wishing support from/ link into officialdom; i.e.. MP, Police, Establishment, Commerce and so on, but they all lost the contest as benevolence won the contest 'hook, line and sinker'. They always seemed to be on the back foot throughout this period.

These are some of the least known facts hiding in the backroom of the CF world. (I will do a full expose of this 'backroom' scene in a later article.) I felt this scenario a sad reflection of cynical mainstream with being associated to such a high order subject. Pretty much all high profile CF ‘names’ you may be acquainted with would be included in this group, none seeming able to raise their bar, seeing the long term benefits of 'giving' and 'service'. When my name was mentioned by James there was not a murmur from the audience! Oddly though, they seem to be acting as if nothing has changed…but it has and will change even more I suspect! Now these people and their fellows are all very disappointed and are behaving all stubborn and unhelpful, only thinking of their own selfish agendas as opposed to supporting the bigger picture...entrenched in habit and insecurity.

This is why I did not get invited to support my farmer colleague by the biased Dutch organiser. I’m am also sure they were very worried about what I may have come out with…LOL…but I like to think of myself as not always quite that predictable!

Anyways, this pretty much sealed their fate it would seem as now no trusting basis upon which to form any sort of working partnership with this disparate group in the foreseeable future.

To work with others there must be complete trust.

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