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Farmer James Hussey talks at Coronation Hall.

An informative and sometimes moving talk by James Hussey.

This is the first time such a positive approach has been used by a farmer, linked into the crop formation world when most of the farming community shy away or are hostile towards the subject. The reason this was able to happen on this occasion was simply down to the successful working relationship between CGI and the farmer.

The current specific driver here happens to be the 'Brighter Futures' charity but when this goal has been achieved, which will be very soon there will be need for other social issues and concerns to be addressed, (it would appear that the CF phenomenon is primarily a sociological issue) I speak of course of reducing social tensions, increasing local harmony and perhaps eventually a more increased global acceptance of the CF reality that will slowly evolve around it being seen as a resource, for it's potential towards far bigger and better things than just self and money. Integration of the CF phenomenon will be dependent on such practical working relationships continuing. The world is in a total mess and all goodness knows how it needs help. I believe CFs can, if allowed could help in ways not completely that clear right now.The same effective CGI principles will still apply , i.e. benevolence, respect and cooperation. Endorsement and raising positive awareness as James clearly did here should bode well for our future. The potential CFs hold is simply unimaginable.

I now understand that a new generation of 'crop-watchers' are emerging, with little or no baggage/bad habits and perhaps with a will to promote a refreshed vision of what this presentation seems to summarise.

The political status quo is what it is; it is unlikely that the old time G1s with vested interest are going to change their MO, their identities, their very reason for being; they simply do not have what it takes to help to the next level and are probably just too meek of spirit, that now seems clear.

This year in the field I witnessed on several occasions G1s sneaking into the CFs hoping not to be noticed knowing full well that this old-time MO is now unhelpful in furthering good PR with the farmers.

I was not personally invited to speak at this event, nor to accompany James at this time ( I with CGI will, as always create our own opportunities...not dependent) but, although not there in person I could sense a very strong and uneasy vibe of ambivalence in that hall from the first time I watched the video. G1s don't like change...CGI and I represent huge (but positive) change. When James gave thanks to myself and CGI there was not one murmur from the audience...very telling... let alone a clap...perhaps that is what they all think of our efforts to help with tensions that go back decades and help give CFs a better PR profile. However, they gave James a hearty applause at the end of his talk! I dare say these people are all too happy to visit events unhindered that CGI (with James) facilitate though.

The front-liners especially find themselves in a very awkward place right now! But I have to say these few people are in the small minority, G2s are the future i.e. Phase 2 in CF history who are well outnumbering G1s already!

So again, I appeal to all newcomers (G2s) and indeed any more flexible and maybe previously invested G1s) to endorse and promote what James and myself are trying to do here that amounts to some sort of revolution I believe which should never, never be underestimated. It would be nice if any known and prominent commentators/historic participants let's call them, would come forward and publicly support and endorse CGI efforts and principles ...things need to change. Hitherto these prominent G1s have remained stubbernly intransigent regards CGI support but this position I suspect will not be sustainable as public opinion will serve to increasingly marginalise these diehards. Their perceived popularity will slowly dwindle as modern thinking takes hold. CFs represent a massive unprecedented challenge both in a localised 'on-the-ground' sense and also in how we actually conduct ourselves in relation to them.


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