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So, Why oh Why do we need... 'Core Group Initiative'?

Simply because... CGI was a much needed, first and meaningful step towards crop formation/community integration...a sort of 'give peace a chance' opportunity. It was something that was farmer friendly, non-commercial and not an outright antagonistic 'wind-up' to that community. We've had conferences, talk shows and so on before but they have been pretty much targeted and frequented by the CF community, the loyalists as opposed to the general public. CGI begins to bridge the gap....which really is my main point here. It also brought along the concept of respect, hitherto not a word used or considered much in the CF world. Also, CGI brought the crop formation phenomenon into realistic mainstream 21st century! So folks, progress is being made.

There is no easy way to navigate this transitionary period ; realisation is sometimes found of a hard pathway... as are the sometimes hard truths! But in the absence of the 'experts', others offering practical meaningful sociological input we can only try and do our best here. The 'experts' don't seem to care. The fact has been that in the past all other prominent parties have shied away from the sociological issues saying... "There's nothing we can do beyond cosmetic... and still maintain our own vested interests".

CGI is not just about altruistically collecting visitor money for charity at the gate...and we are certainly not mere gatekeepers (as LP would have you believe! How rude! )...please let me be clear about that. CGI is in fact a far-sighted attempt to integrate, to help in a broader sense, incorporating observations made on the ground and building up a socialogical research base.

It attempts to address the underlying social disconnect between visitors and local community that has existed for far too long; breakthroughs in this area would obviously be massively significant given the importance of the subject matter. To my knowledge little or no attention has ever been given to the sociological aspect of the phenomenon and certainly not properly concentrated and documented as I do on this site, and thus, a site which is quite unique. This lack of attention is mainly due to I suspect, the direct conflicts within the G1 modus operandi, the majority of old-time visitors.

People have, it would seem been mesmerised by just the manifestations themselves and to be fair that is not that surprising. They've

argued and squabbled about authenticity, meaning, hoping to gain brownie points... or personal prominence in the case of 'front-liners', some of whom have abused their position shamefully. This in my view is a blinkered, short-sighted and obviously self serving view but a predictable part of evolution no doubt. Many folks were led and encouraged by the then previously well known people who were more motivated by money and ego (and still are) than to address realistically this social disconnect.This view just caused the farmers to dig their heels in creating increasing and ongoing friction and an 'us and them' mentality. These prominent people simply just did not seem to care one bit, merely carrying on as before, most totally preoccupied by money , being paid to 'speak' (something I do quite naturally and freely, far too much and all the time ha, ha!), compounding the issue of disrespect by leading in paying groups to fields univited, developing a wholly negative culture. The need for pure altruism and higher thinking in this arena, well away from self-interest and commerce just cannot be overstated. This subject potentially and realistically heralds way to a new era in the history of Mankind!

But at some point I suspect that the CGI concept of benevolence and respect will become more of the 'going rate' than not and all those past problematic habits will become so old-fashioned and frowned upon...either that or farmers will get so fed up they will routinely cut any new events as they do a hedge! But I suppose, the long and the short of it is that people need time to adjust...let's hope it's not too much longer...we've been going now at this CGI initiative for 6 years already as said!!

In heading up an initiative like CGI I personally do not expect to be popular with the old G1s...they've invested so much. Old habits die hard, many will kick and scream, many vested and precious G1's who even now after six successful PR years of positive CGI working with farmers, much money raised for charity, continue to ignore, downplay and disinform the public about what CGI do...simple fact. This is shocking and disappointing! (I could give specific examples of names and incidents...I will withhold all that for now.) This illustrates a point so well and highlights an aspect of G1 psychology perhaps not so attractive. They don't like CGI being such an effective game-changer, taking the limelight away. Strangely though, when the large paying groups arrive at CGI managed fields everyone is so happy, so grateful!

Another reason CGI is needed is to inform the public as honestly and factually as possible through close contact with broad arena, farmer and CF event itself. CGI endeavours to report the true broad nature of the phenomenon, as much as possible both in terms of the actual events themselves and also the sociological impact it has on the people. CFs have absolutely no meaning if they cannot connect with the population.

At the time of writing this website is the only truly honest, understandable ( yes, some contributors seem so complex and exotic,) reliable, ongoingly broad-spectrum, non-sentimentalised, largely non-speculative CF research website that is prominently available. This prominence is partly due to its early links with the (most comprehensive and popular CF w/s mainly for its extensive photo gallery and archives that go back to the '90s ) for whom I write regular linked articles.

Amongst the people who claim to be researchers, I can't think of any who have come forward to help, that are reliable and charitable reporters without vested personal interest and adhere to the code of conduct. Most of those people are just in it for themselves, some ruthless and make no charitable contributions to our efforts. There are a few that tell the world outright lies and have done for years! Non have close working relationships with farmers as CGI do. To me, this demonstrates gross lack of insight as one would expect exposure to this unique and extraordinary phenomenon would result in higher thinking.

It is a sad fact that crop formations have just been ruthlessly exploited over the years in the same way as so many other vulnerabilities, they are not immune and neither are the 'old-time should be example-setters' who have exhibited a tendency to lead this exploitation. I guess the Makers have truly exposed our true colours here! This is a shame and wildly incredible at the same time as this subject is, as said earlier arguably something that could lead Mankind into a new era; this is one reason why it deserves so much respect. Hopefully though the aforementioned will stir a realisation.

But having said all this, I have to say CGI feels a simple humility to be of service, honoured to be at the leading edge in this extraordinary task.

Where CGI are helping you can guarantee a positive, 'no-problem from farmers' experience.

A question: Why are people so interested in crop formations?

Answer 1. Mostly they are not! (not until they actually get to witness one at first hand.)


Answer 2. They find the patterns fascinating to the mind.

An hypothesis in response to A.1 might be: Lack of effective subject sociological integration and in consequence, disinterest, lack of education.

An hypothesis to A.2 might be: A natural response to the very obvious aspect which is the sudden appearance of the field patterns, often complex...all bewildering.

But in the majority of people thus far these events collectively known as crop circles or more accurately 'crop formations' seem to demonstrate, to the more educated amongst us anyways, that a breathtaking lack of curiosity exists in the general population. This seemingly dis-enthuesed response is a combination of natural cognitive dissonance (a sort of unconscious subjective denial reaction) coupled and reinforced by media led bias/dis-information, many will be aware of this already, a steady position held now for over 25 years. This is the power of effective top down propaganda!

However this position of ignorence will not be maintained for ever. It can't; modern thinking will always evolve beyond the primal given time. Trying to help the world engage, accept that all this work is worthwhile is fundamental for any advocate but the 'curiosity' aspect, as I have learned from my dealings with many hundreds maybe thousands of people now visiting our CGI managed field events over the years needs only a little nurturing in most cases to motivate to another level once exposed to quality education plus on-the-ground events themselves...people are not stupid. This is primarily what motivates me in what I do with CGI, to encourage awareness leading on to a more crop formation socially integrated population through the application of charitable works which seem to act as a catalyst. Of course the charitable aspect is immensely gratifying just on its own, something I love very much and something that seems to equate so well to the quality of spiritual feedback one also gets from the CF phenomenon itself. If this social integration can be more achieved I need not tell you how benefits numerous and enriching could enhance Mankind by linking in with the E.T. Circle makers. I do realise that to talk and think in this way could sound absurdly ambitious but that is no reason not to at least try.

Photo by Martin Engelmann.

I would suggest these CF events are offered to us for a very good reason, far more than something that is merely pretty patterns for our entertainment and amusement. These events I have come to accept are most probably an early step, an invitation towards joining some sort of much higher thinking, possibly a far more inclusive benevolent/benign cosmic community...and goodness knows just how desperately Mankind needs quality help right now as things here on Earth seem to be getting worse by the day; some of our so called leaders just don't seem to get it, do they... something I imagine E.T is all too aware of and hence their reaching out to us with these events! Of course we can't know for sure...but it might just be a big and clever E.T con in the end but thus far there has been no indicator of such an intention....consistently benign now for over three decades.

At some point we will have collectively grown sufficiently to get over this obsession with just the patterns themselves and will be focusing more on what's beyond them. Arguing the authenticity, measuring and pontificating on the patterns themselves is very limiting as I suspect the Makers will not reveal anything more to us until they are good and ready. The patterns I would suggest are something sent to gain our attention rather than to give us uniquely new information, something in reality if you look back, they have not done. Just this alone, i.e the 'gaining attention' aspect has not been fulfilled en-masse yet, as is painfully obvious, blocked largely by media and another reason why CGI work is so important right now. Making the subject more widely known and palatable through charity, cutting through the community/propaganda barrier by showing goodwill and actually giving something back as opposed to take, 'agro', take, is what is needed. (To deliver education at the gate of an event reaches far more people than say a 'talks' evening obviously). What the Creators have done however is to convince those who pay attention and regard the subject seriously that the events are sent by an intelligent and highly evolved 'agency'. They have done this by relating/confirming their identity by

reflecting back already known-to-Man information...Pi, Phi, modes of coding, probability issues, proximity and proportional-esque type equations etc...but nothing new.

I am particularly interested in how we collectively respond/cope/behave around these unprecedented events that are regarded by many as places of 'ascension'. In approaching this phenomenon history has shown that no good seems to come from an arrogant disrespect here in this arena. I have noted this quality to be present over the years, especially in prominent G1's who regard themselves as somehow precious and who seem over-involved in the obvious, even after 10 or maybe 20 years...have not evolved. Many seem to hold an overvalued sense of entitlement. We find these qualities unacceptable in other walks of why not here also? This observation holds another inherent irony as elsewhere in life where there is higher thinking/consciousness, like Buddist there seems to be a humility and benevolence present. Many around CFs I've observed seem to feel themselves of a 'higher conscious/ thinking' status which is good as it shows aspiration. But if these perceptions of self cannot progress, cannot grow beyond that current self and cannot adapt forwards towards higher realms this will fail to truly help that person or other's fulfilment. I believe CFs are here to help us with this growth.

Hanging onto old unhelpful (established) habits that have persisted now for 10, 20 or maybe 30 years or more in some will probably not help with that spiritual ascension. That irony which is born of disrespect whilst seeking spiritual ascension through rituals etc. found commonly within crop events is all too obvious. This has been shown in the past by many invading land uninvited and is the very thing a higher consciousness would reasonably not regard as a pleasing quality and maybe why the phenomenon may not have grown up beyond manifesting just patterns in the landscape over this time period. So many times have I observed people attempting higher consciousness through various means in the formations believing that by participating in rituals/chanting for example they will somehow achieve the goal of ascension. I suppose it's one step closer but personally I am not so sure as unless their conduct has been more genuine ie. field events have been accessed legitimately it would all seem like a bit of a going to church then robbing someone.

To sound somewhat clinical, perhaps a bit cynical, yoga, drumming, the placing of artefacts etc, would seem to me anyways, as merely facilitating no more than some sort of illusion...a comforting alta-reality, which of course is in itself is harmless. But to be forgiving, all the aforementioned was a necessary part of the evolutionary process. We are now hopefully moving on. We all try in our own ways. Dealing with CFs is the most challenging and demanding of all learning curves!

But I believe that until we successfully evolve more towards higher-end social beings and make that move away from disrespect, towards conscious awareness to show a genuine respect in practical terms, which can of course start with each and other within the CF arena, then why would we deserve, indeed think that the Circlemakers would choose to connect with us more meaningfully! They haven't done so yet. The only exception may be the CGI/Hackpen Hill equation where the Makers see some real headway being made. I say this as they keep returning to a successful working place allowing/encouraging the social cohesion to positively spilling over into the community in a practical sense like helping with cancer/charities etc. Maybe Dorset will appear the same in a year or two.

Many reading this probably don't even care! They may think, what's he rambling on about again? Well, many I feel just take immediate gratification as if in a fairground and enter where and when they wish without the blessing of the field owner. Indeed, when I personally entered the CF scene 'on the ground' in 2008 I too just followed others and did the same as I knew no was the going rate. It wasn't until I'd been around for two or three years, my learning curve, that the penny did in fact drop and I realised what was going on. I discovered that there were real issues with farmers, that some of the high profile people were completely phoney, misguiding the public for their own gains and that double standards were the norm. All of a sudden things seemed a little bit depressing. This was my turning point. Sadly, I know people who have been visiting CFs in England travelling both from overseas and the UK for ten or more years (G1's) who continue to blatantly carry on breaking the code of conduct regardless, sometimes now deliberately avoiding CGI personnel at the site feeling some sort of enhanced entitlement no doubt, that there is absolutely nothing to change or learn;they are the worst types as they feel no shame. But these are the hardcore minority, where CGI practice anyways but not uncommon at other sites sadly. Therein then lies the issue. New visitors tend to follow the example of the old and group leaders can be some of the worst offenders too.

So to be mindful that CGI is offering an opportunity, an alternative to do the right thing, to take this whole thing forward would be wholesome and something that may well help that process on the path to ascension. These words may sound rather judgemental and are not meant to be vindictive; they're merely here to help raise awareness. You can rely on CGI that represents the truth, the great leveller.

It is likely that if more of Mankind was consciously evolved we may be communing far more intimately with the E.T Circlemakers already. But to achieve this the 100 monkeys theory needs to apply. This theory starts with individuals like you and me!

Inroads to a new territory that is Dorset. Here is a photo of myself this last 2017 season with new friend and farmer who was actually referred to CGI by a previously friendly Dorset farmer. This process is truly organic. The farmers in Dorset seem to like the CGI far anyways!

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