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Social Comment...mainly for the young and for the newcomers.

The 'crop pattern interface' will be Man's ultimate challenge over time. However, that is not to say we should delay further acquaintance with the subject right now. To come to terms with and integrate this subject into modern society will be a turning question and I suspect it will be far more accepted within the next generation, our more open-minded youngsters. Young people demand the truth (CGI will only tell you the truth) and are less tolerant of the BS peddled by media and politicians than adults. Adults prefer a safe, cosy space which soon becomes complacency or even denial. I've sensed how the young regard this subject as I've met so many 'at the gate' and I consider the 'Enough' movement in the USA as a prime example of their fearlessness once engaged. As we get older we generally become more compliant, less willing to take on new thinking, set in our ways, the baggage of a long life led. But for all, to embrace the crop phenomenon requires an open and untainted mind-set. But please not forget need to be afraid here. All evidence thus far is that the Communicators are harmless. If these 'Makers' wished to harm us, in all probability they could have done so long time ago.

But clearly, we are the bird in this game; we'll only get so far. But of course the 'Maker's' will be the ones who determine just how far we do in fact get. My feeling is that this will be mitigated by just how much effort we humans are willing to put into the game ourselves. So far we have consistently been the takers, mere spectators. A good and helpful measure to start with would be for organised group leaders to adhere to the 'code of good working practice' and only take their charges into events that have farmer permission.

This phenomenon exists to connect with human beings through geometry. Most folks, quite understandably get fixated just upon the patterns themselves. But I would argue the patterns are only the 'shiny objects' to gain our attention preparing us for Phase 2 that probability would suggest is encouraging us towards a higher social order/consciousness. But how are we coping with all this ? Let's look at the social breakdown.

When I entered the 'on-the-ground' crop formation scene back in 2008 I was subject-naive, subject-uneducated and impressionable by all the actors and drama of it all to some extent, as are most that start out in this field I suspect. I entered a world quite unlike any I had experienced before. However, apart from the actual events themselves it was the characters, the social interface in this arena that most interested me.

The regular long-term visitors were an eclectic group, not that typical of mainstream life in some ways and interestingly, most of them came from overseas at that time...very few from the UK. This I put down to effective National UK propaganda. This has now changed. The vast majority were of the 'sheeple' mentality who blindly followed the M.O. of other visitors. They were mostly ernest, humble and quite passionate about their involvement in something that seemed to arouse more than just imagination, indeed call into question one's whole life paradigm. A very heady place indeed that required a significant amount of personal strength. Once witnessed, most submitted to the idea that these events were totally inexplicable, as one would logically think if one had an average quoter of practical acumen and common sense. But interestingly, many read far more into the subject than would reasonably be attributed based on the evidence available...possibly a projection of their own ego-based identities or simply wishful thinking. There's always been a certain amount of... "We know something you don't". This long-term group show signs of unwillingness to change their behaviour when it comes to visiting practice. Herein lies the profound dilemma.

People happily enjoying the magic and joy of the CGI facilitated CF that had farmer permission down in Dorset last season.

But still lurking in the shadows of course were the nay-sayers, those that for whatever reason felt the need to spend their time, even if they personally did not believe in the events beforehand, actively challenging other people's thinking rather than to quietly take another position elsewhere; why would they even be there you might reasonably think? It's like complaining at a football match that such a game is boring when there had been absolutely no interest in the game beforehand. But it seems this group saw things differently and had realised that this place would pass as a venue for airing their frustrations and lack of meaning in their lives, to give them some sort of identity. My understanding of most of this group is that they do not have any trade or profession that they follow at other times with many carrying an over-valued sense of self. Their intentions would usually be to destroy any possibility of magic or joy in the minds of others by their uninvited imposition of falsehoods, ideas of doubt sown about authenticity and so on. Of course some had either innocent personal reasons, lack of education or social issues that mitigated their position. But on the devious side the reasons this minority group participated in falsehoods are many and varied. Power, control, money, pure deception, insecurity, lack of personal identity, political, religious issues, issues of mental health, sheer bloody mindedness are just but some. The cynic would say (ha,ha!) a fair cross-section of our current society...sad but possibly true. In other words an unsurprising human response contained within any sphere of controversy as large as this that challenges the majority world view.

As a perspective this is the sort of nonsense you can use as a comparison to 98% (approx.) to the other geometrically perfect events worldwide we have recorded for nearly 40 years. Now this below example IS pure vandelism!

Photo copyright unknown.

We are all motivated differently, have different goals/agendas that help us to personally navigate, keep secure and make sense of life and its challenging pathway. Some feel threatened, some not so. Some are 'good' people, some are not quite so. These CF events pose the greatest threat, if not accepted as benign, hence the kick-back (others, along with myself, feel they are greatest potential healing event). This perceived threat to the overall status-quo is the most provocative to face modern Man ever, along with the UFO phenomenon...and of course Man's stupidity playing around with potential nuclear annihilation!

I am writing all this mainly for the benefit of newcomers as most old-timers will have chewed much of this aspect over many a fold. It is inevitable that at some point, whilst on the ground, visiting an event or reading on the internet that probably sooner rather than later we will encounter attempts to call into question the validity of events, which is only natural. But it is always wise in this topic to remind new folks of the dangers posed from malevolent parties, early on when one's understanding, confidence and surety at that time is less consolidated.

A family of 'first-timers' making their way into the CF in Dorset last season. I love to see children in CFs as you can only imagine what goes through their non-judgemental, untainted and open minds. The vast majority are totally accepting and when asked they usually say, without hesitation that its aliens that do them!

But here's a thing...very interesting this. The status-quo does seem to have changed a little recently... and for the better. The usual old-time suspects keep banging on of course but we seem to have got rid of many of the other long term pests, funnily enough. As said, when I was new some 10 years ago now, these nay-sayers/deliberate deceivers were rife, they were everywhere, lining up in front of the cameras, sometimes giving talks in places like Avebury and Pewsey to speak absolute 'tosh', something I've witnessed first hand. Horrible! But for the last few years their numbers seem to have dwindled a bit, not nearly so prominent/evident. This is a significant observation as these people would in practice infect many others, like first-timers, attempting recruitment to their negative point of view. I have got to know many of these types over the years and I have to say very few had a sound, objective and practical take on the phenomenon...very narrow in their thinking. Some others would be keen to spin their own often very complex, exotic and convoluted theories that nobody could possibly keep up with/understand but themselves and got the listener absolutely nowhere...believe me, I tried! They seemed to like an audience. Others were just like a broken record seemingly unable to chant anything more than..."They're all manmade, all manmade". This became their identity in many cases. There was a group camped up on Knapp Hill, Alton Barnes for years who were the 'wise folks' and predominantly negativists, many, not all, of whom were benefit recipients without trade or profession merely spending their months with not much purpose other than sitting around talking etc. That's fine, who am I to judge on lifestyle? This is but a mere social observation. But to my point, more recently this group seems to have largely evaporated. Our benefit system in the UK has changed somewhat, become much stricter and I suspect this had an impact on some people's lifestyle choices. Even other nay-sayers not bound into that particular group seem less evident/vocal these days. But we must not become complacent; we need to remain aware of their potential presence, typically those who would stand and wait for an opportunity for the naive to arrive, commonly in the CF itself. In the past I would be approached and 'tested out' but if we take last season as example this happened only twice if memory serves me well (they got nowhere of course I might add.) This is a good sign, is significant and suggests a shift. It may be of course that the negativists choose not to visit CGI field sites (where most visitors are now going) so much where I spend the majority of my time, perhaps go elsewhere to spin their nonsense... or perhaps they are just simply getting fed up, losing interest, on a back footing.

Then we have the long-term, commonly foreign visitors who mostly show allegiance to, have formed in essence, a social clique in which they can feel more secure, I suppose. But too, some of these people, along with their UK counterparts have vested financial considerations that will now compromise a better judgement. ie. long-term group facilitators openly and blatently disregarding/abusing the 'code of conduct' by way of uninvited access. These are the hardcore minority it has to be said, but those who probably do the most PR damage. Because these people have been around for years they seem to exhibit something closer to a contemptuous attitude towards the farmers and their domain. They feel they have some sort of Divine right to do pretty much as they please based on that which they have always done. Ironically, one chap who leads groups of visitors goes around with a partner who calls herself a 'shaman' i.e. someone of immense wisdom and knowledge... I find that a bit arrogant, contradictory and at the same time seems to demonstrate some lack of insight. Takes all sorts I guess but at this time of change it is not helpful in a PR sense as, in effect they merely encourage the less well informed to do the wrong thing and at the same time for money... line their own pockets.

Please be aware also of The Barge Inn...good pub, good beer etc. but historically has been the hangout for debunkers who sit at the bar and catch you when you come through the door! You have been warned! Anyways, let's hope these types are now doing something more useful, out busy with building up their lives, earning money to look after their families... if they have one! I do hope so.

See also my other article on debunkers here.

Thanks for reading.


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