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Reflections on 2017 Season.

Bringing crop formation events into the 21st century!

The two week Dorset event was extremely reassuring as this was farmer referred...a leap forward in PR terms. After harvest I received a farmer inquiry asking if we will be coming back next year! Incredible! This farmer cooperation was 100% and the farmer himself, a delight to work with. We were made to feel really welcome and am almost beginning to feel accepted as part of that local Dorset community now.

A real family affair...the kids loved it! Indeed, what an education for our children. After all, it's their future we are talking here...and indeed an education for adults also, an education in the concept of lateral thinking. As adults we should not be treated like children. It is our human right to know the truth.

The Kaballa CF was a real hit and raised over £1700, £543 of which we negotiated to bring back to the 'Brighter Futures' charity fund in Wiltshire. On the day of harvest I had an early morning call informing me of the new event at Hackpen Hill almost as if with 'Divine' intervention, so events were seamless in nature and we were able to be right there on day one.

Most people seemed genuinely hungry for knowledge and were very appreciative of time taken to help in this regard.

A fun day out...everybody happy here! The weather was amazing too.

The Hackpen Hill area is of increasing intrigue to me. The synchronisities associated with that place almost beyond comprehension. CGI keep being pulled back there, almost as if the Creators know cooperation exists and are encouraging the relationship for whatever reasons better known to themselves. If we end up there yet again this 2018 season probability would endorse this theory. For me, this aspect is the most extraordinary of all my CF experiences ever. However, it would be all too easy to get carried away into the wonderful world of speculations, that is of being monitored and maybe manipulated by the Creators in a very real way...odd,odd,odd...but I try not to speculate. I am all too aware of the 'run away' issues related to human ego in this " I am a very special person and have a 'channelling' type relationship with the Creators". LOL! I don't buy it... all that sort of thinking, too subjective and needy.

The same dynamic seems to be unfolding in Dorset. Last year's Kaballa event was farmer referred to CGI and very close to the 'paracute' event we had in June 2014. Now I am wondering if the same will unfold in Essex which is not a huge distance from where I actually live. I seem to be getting more involved with that area having just been consulted on local radio as an independent crop formation researcher. CFs in Essex are becoming something of a regular occurrence now.

The Dorset Kaballa right and myself

with its farmer below. Incredible vibes

down here.

In combine harvesting Kaballa. Incredably, early that morning I had a phone call from a colleague saying there was a new CF at Hackpen Hill where we went later that day. Amazing synchronicity! All just seems to fall in place these days.

Sums raised by CGI were considerable with the media taking a continued interest although the way I deal with them needs to be honed, a bit smarter, LOL! ITV News did a report that by media standards was OK, which has to be a step in the right direction I suppose.

The visiting population were predominately local/UK people although we had many from Italy, France, Austria, Netherlands and Scandinavia also. Years ago it was the opposite with the English in a real they really love CFs which fascinate them despite all the jokey- jokey stuff that's frequently been put out there in the UK media in the past. The younger Brits are beginning to take a real interest which is very encouraging; I am beginning to feel that it will soon become trendy in future, the thing to do within this group, to check out CFs with friends and family. I feel this may be due to ongoing and maybe more favourable media coverage softened by the charitable aspect that we publicise and practice, helping and giving back to the local community instead of being perceived just as pests.

At Hackpen.... yet again.

As usual the weather was a pain and living in a small van for so long, not much fun! Political tensions seemed a bit tempered with only some 'old-school' die hard group leaders still struggling to adapt to the new climate. A reluctence to promote CGI work was still very evident by the Dutch even when the only two CFs with farmer permission last year were organised and facilitated by CGI. The Dutch contingent seems particularly intransigent to the point that they almost seem loathed to utter the name of CGI...they still seem clearly very unhappy with the way things are going for some reason. I was not invited to attend a 'Talks' event at Coronation Hall (organised by a Dutch guy, no surprises there), an opportunity to support my farmer colleague who was invited to speak that evening. It's easy to take offence but I put it down to peer pressure. I feel if such people are so unhappy about UK matters they always have a choice, can attend to their own homeland events and leave the Brits to manage their affairs. Believe it or not, we Brits are really quite capable people!

Numbers of CFs generally around the time of the HH event were curiously low, which had the effect of 'funnelling' people into our field event. Again this really intrigued me. I have to tell you that I believe everything the Creators of these crop formations do is utterly deliberate and considered. If in fact true, makes this 'funnelling' even a more profound possibility.

These dancing girls were so graceful!


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