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The Adamski Conundrum...this is a 'one-off' UFO article.

My point: a reference in 1955 to microwave energy for the purposes of cooking food would be ahead of time. If this equates it would be very interesting news!

Introduction: The extent of my research generally speaking and up until now has been wholly on the crop formation phenomenon and the socio/political aspects and ramifications thereof. Here, I will make one exception as I feel this article may contain some credence based on what could well be positive evidence towards Adamski's authenticity. In future I will not continue with the subject of ufology as it is just too big a subject.

Many of you will not be familiar with a '50s author named George Adamski. This was post 1947 Roswell, thereafter being a flurry of all things ET for a few years and when the term 'Flying Sauce' was coined. He was what started it all for me personally when I was still a child. My Dad had one of his books 'Inside the Spaceships' which I read. Soon after Roswell the US government, seeing the potential for social unrest injected the disinformation story we all know well regards weather balloons in an attempt to allay people's anxieties regards the unknown. Then we had H.G Wells's 'The War of the Worlds' released in1953 which seemed like a prelude to Adamski's books, which many thought suspicious.

Adamski wrote three books based around Adamski's assertion that he was a contactee, having involvement with Nordic type beings from other worlds who's appearance was similar to ours. These books were...'The Flying Saucers have Landed" 1953 co-authored by Desmond Leslie....'Inside the Spaceships' 1955... and 'The Flying Saucers Farewell'...1961. In his second book entitled 'Inside the Spaceships' he makes reference to a tour, of being shown around a large Saternian 'scout ship', a craft generally felt was an outreach craft primarily stationed upon a 'mothership', something much larger with many have reportedly described as being a cigar shaped object sometimes seen in our skies. On this alleged tour guided by someone named Zuhl.... he was taken systematically around this 'scout ship' and shown what was going on.

To me the above image of a supposed Saternian scout ship looks a bit 'old fashioned' but that is only in my terms of reference.

Now here's the crux, just an observation; at some point in the tour Adamski and his guide reached what Zuhl said we would refer to as the kitchen, an area where food was prepared.

Here I will refer you to the book's actual text so as not to confuse...........

"A small glass-like door was set into one of the walls leading into what he said was an oven. When I looked in and saw no burners of any description, Zulu explained, “We do not cook our food in the same way as you. Ours is done quickly by means of rays or high frequencies, a method with which you are now experimenting on Earth. However, we prefer most of our food in the state in which it is grown, and live chiefly on the delicious fruits and vegetables which abound on our planets. To all intents and purposes we are what you call ‘vegetarians,’ but in emergencies, if no other food is available, we do eat meat.”

So what we have is a reference to cooking food ...internally as opposed to externally. Throughout all Earth history it is understood food was cooked by way of external heat, fire or higher temperature applied and directed towards a material so as to alter its status to a point whereon it became acceptably eatable. But here we have, in the mid '50s a reference to a mode of applied science that was only in its early infancy of research on Earth and certainly not widely known and talked about publicly, and certainly not with someone like Adampski who was not a scholar, academic or a scientist by any measure and someone who had worked in a cement factory at one stage in his life. Therein lies the significance, my point. So, a major question would have to be..."How would this guy know to make reference to such a future major technology, BEFORE it had been shown to be an accepted mode of culinary practice? Of course I speak here of using microwaves to cook food.

In conclusion, if we accept there is some credence in this story then logically we could extend this confidence to some more of what Adamski says, of being in a space ship with a friendly alien wishing ostensibly to be engaging a direct human interface with other beings. Certainly his photographic images look fairly convincing when one considers these were taken before the advent of digital manipulation arrived; what you 'clicked' was what you got! However, many say they are fake.

So there it is folks...that's all I have to say here, the question of reference to microwave technology to cook food before domestic microwave gizmos arrived here on Earth. Despite what we may think about Adamski's authenticity, at the very least this observation has to be an interesting one. This aspect in his books has never to my knowledge been highlighted and documented by a researcher as significant to my knowledge. I own two of his books myself so know a little about his story. Is this observation of significance do you think?


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