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Response from Somerset Farmer

"To who it may concern

We are not in the business of crop circles We are arable and beef tenant farmers .

It is not our or the estates wish to have crop circles on our land. It is private and sadly to say the next time it will be removed immediately now we have permission from the estate.

What is worse ... our private ,peaceful land has been violated with trespassers who think they have a right of way.

I charged £20 because I didn’t want people there and would do the same again.

I would not charge £4 for charity for everyone else to enjoy something that we felt very cross about

I met some lovely people but that will be a nice memory to offset against the majority of the awful people I met.

Nobody has a right to challenge me on what I say to their access to on our private land."


Mr & Mrs Maunder

Muncombe Hill


I received this letter today from an angry farmer.

This crop formation was one of the nicest we had this season. It all started OK until the farmer encountered a particularly nasty individual with a group from Holland who challenged her right to make a charge to see the formation on her field. This individual was abusive, hostile and domineering in an attempt to get her own way and control the situation away from the farmer. The end result is as you have read above. Any future events in this area will be assigned to 'destination cutter' ! For the full story please go to my 'Comments' page here.

Appeal: If there are any other people, especially Dutch people who feel this is an unsatisfactory situation please bring pressure to bear on this person, maybe through Facebook etc as she is spoiling things for everyone just to satisfy her own selfish needs! She has been doing this for 20 years! CGI are selflessly trying to help the overall situation for EVERYONE.

Thanks for reading. PJ.

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