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Martinsell Hill CF 7/7/2018

Question in response to many people's surprise as to why the Alexanda's (TT) told the world that this CF was a fake. These people have been around for some time, allegedly knowing something about geometry so should be able to differentiate.

So let's just explore the options:

Option 1. They genuinely thought this event was a fake. In other words, they were unable to recognise the determining factors necessary to differentiate. Remember, they say they know something about geometry.

Option 2. Their judgement was compromised by some outside, let's say, 'intimidating' agency for reasons better known to the parties involved.

Option 3. The worst option; this was an attempt to deliberately disinform (for reasons better known to themselves) as in telling lies. If this were to be the case, any credibility these folks had as people or practitioners in the crop circle world or other would immediately disappear. This would effectively be an unforgivable betrayal of their readership.

In any case these people got it absolutely wrong and confused many people who, when at my gate, I had the task of re-aligning them to the reality.

Martinsell Hill was the most exquisite example of CF fractalised perfection and the most beautiful event so far this season at that time.

To even consider human construction at night-time within restricted time-frame, even with employing the services of Chartered Surveyors using TST technology would be simply unthinkable. An added burden would be to realise a ground lay of consistent and of a machine-like quality without any signs of calaterol damage due to incidental foot-tread.

I think somebody has some explaining to do!


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