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Have the Creators latched onto CGI?

To dismiss this extraordinary contention too quickly as absurd,

without due consideration would not justly fit well with the very nature of the whole crop formation phenomenon...frankly, all in this strange arena is extraordinary!

If this be the case it would represent first open contact! Mind numbing!

Hackpen Hill 2 as viewed from the White Horse.

Obviously we cannot predict exactly when or where Base-Camp-CGI will end up next season. However, if we were in fact to be at Hackpen Hill yet again one could reasonably suggest a deliberate trend of events were occurring, beyond that of random coincidence. For the last three years now CGI have administered to activity at this place that has effectively furthered and encouraged public consciousness, positive public relations and reduced social tensions. So one could also say there is good reason to think, based on this evidence that this may be the primary objective behind the Creator's work beyond the mere physical events themselves. If we start from the premise that the actual CFs are signals, signs to alert Humanity to other possibilities, to expand Man's world view then it would be easy to understand all this in context. You could say the patterns are a tantalising introduction, occurrences that do little else apart from stirring interest and when they occasionally convey non-ambiguous messages such as Crabwood, 2002 or Chilbolton 2001 and for example, 'Euler's Identity' 2010. In 40 years the CF phenomenon has rarely given us uniquely new information...usually something known to Man (exceptions being Jubilee Plantation, Cherhill prediction, Crabwood and Chilbolton.) My feeling is that if the Creators wish us to know something they will simply tell us when they feel we are ready.... or perhaps worthy, in a way that we can understand. Thus far, information sent our way has been relatively easy to understand. Time spent speculating, although entertaining is now, after all this time, in a way simply old fashioned thinking and futile in the context of absence of cross-referable evidence. De-cyphering obvious coding such as ASCII as we do occasionally is a very different matter. Additionally, they may well be telling us something by way of their recurring presence at Hackpen Hill working with CGI. When CGI are there on the scene we always get more than one event. I like to think this is not just mere confirmation-bias on my part, rather more of observation. Over the years they appear to have regulated their activities to accommodate our current limited resources. In theory, CGI could have managed all four events around us this season.

Hackpen Hill 1 in front of and just to right of CGI camp location.

So, in the 2018 season something different seems to have occurred in terms of local activity. Basecamp-Hackpen became literally surrounded by events. This fact should be of enormous interest to all other researchers...if they are indeed serious researchers. We had four crop formations, two of which were actively CGI managed that arrived right around our location over a period of seven weeks. In this time period we again managed to raise another £7k for charity. The first two were 'in very close proximity to us' events, seeming like siblings containing commonalities. Our actual location was literally the exact same spot as last season! These two were based around a pentagram star form. The second CF, as shown below appeared in the early hours with us in the close proximity camper van hearing or seeing absolutely nothing at all!

Hackpen Hill 2 to the front left of the CGI camp location. Photo Alley Hart with thanks.

So, from a sociological POV what could we say in response to all this? Well, it could be said, coincidence. Thing is, this has happened to CGI at least three times before. On the other hand it could be that the Creators were endorsing and encouraging activities that aligned more towards their own agenda, maybe pursuant to future objectives/outcomes. ?Integration? This to me and being one so close to occurrences is extremely sobering as this would represent communication! Whilst being there on the ground on a daily basis it really seemed like there was an increasing possibility the CGI operation was being monitored and manipulated in some way.

Wootton Bassett CF was opposite and in front of our camp location. You can just make out myself with the farmer inspecting CF.

To consider CGI had 'otherworldly' cooperation and support is completely new territory, a new concept... well away from eclectic romanticisation. For CGI all seems to flow seamlessly no matter what issues come our way; this has been the case now for the last eight years since the inception of CGI working with farmers. If there was a problem it was soon sorted out almost as if a clear path were being prepared ahead of us to make all easier...that's just how it seemed anyway. I must just add that, of course a positive way of thinking such as I tend to have, can help surmount all manner of problems and issues. But other aspects such as proximity and continuity one cannot possibly influence. And, despite my natural tenacity, I dare say I have my limits and if things during this period had in fact become just too challenging, did not gel, I would not have wasted my life banging my head up against the proverbial 'brick wall' for so long. No, it really did seem like we had help and guidance over this period. So if the trend continues next season there is good reason to adapt one's mindset accordingly as this could be a significant development, a step forwards in CF history/evolution. More than one person has said CGI are like a magnate for CFs.

Ridgeway carpark CF two fields directly behind CGI camp location. This event was discovered early on day one by a close CGI member.

The tendency is for most commentators to view this subject just as before, to carry on routinely rather than be progressive. Taking photos and looking for an explanation /the meaning behind forms is limiting, although all has it's place and sometimes is revealing. But the social aspect should never be forgotten. At some point I would suggest that if the Creators see a potential for real progress after returning to us faithfully for nearly 40 years (sigh! us stupid slow-learning humans...) I would suggest they would logically latch onto that potential. A stagnant agenda would seem pointless and illogical. So, therefore I also suggest they may have latched onto CGI as it is positive and socially more acceptable!

I am well aware, by way of observation, a tendency inherent within most prominent 'players' in this subject to attempt self promotion, something I wish this not to be confused with. I could see why the Creators would not align themselves with that. These attempts by others using exaggeration, distortion, over-hypothisation, over-complicisation or unconscious mis-interpretisation in favour of self (wishful thinking.) is in truth to make news out of nothing and of a lower frequency to be frank!

Just to be clear, I personally try to base my thoughts, observations and recording on trends, probability or facts as I find that approach more grounded and reliable, perhaps more compelling.

So what do you think? Have the Creators latched onto CGI or not? What do you think? Evolution or random coincidence? We shall have to wait a little longer to see if the trends continue. Something to keep our eyes on anyways at the very least I would say.

Please read also my earlier article here which is a good cross-reference.

Thanks for reading. Paul Jacobs.

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